Featured Agent: McMains Bail Bonds

"1-800-FOR-BAIL can be memorized in a second. It's amazingly effective on billboards and cars."

Nikki McMains, CEO of McMains Bail Bonds in Oroville, California, reminisces about her beginnings in the industry. Nikki says, "Back in the day, the only way to become a bail agent was to apprentice under a company owner. There were no classes. All that could be done was to read the penal code, code of civil procedure, do ride-alongs, hang out in court, and watch, watch, watch. I was 22 years old in 1964 when I went to work in the office of K. Shealy Bail Bonds. It was the largest and most successful company between Sacramento and the Oregon border.

"I worked there two years before going to work for my father. His company was so small that I could only work part-time for years. In 1973, I finally got my license, but under the apprentice program I had been negotiating bail and writing bonds on my own for about six months.

"Instincts are a big thing, but they must be backed up with honesty, good judgment, and hard work. Do you know what they say about good judgment? Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. Problems that can be fixed with money are insignificant. The 'big deal' problems are the other kind."

McMains Bail Bonds takes full advantage of the various services offered by 1-800-FOR-BAIL because people remember our number, it's that simple!

Tips and Tools to Make More $$$

A recent study confirms the overwhelming value of using vanity 800 numbers (such as 1-800-FOR-BAIL) as consumer response tools for your business versus using numeric toll-free numbers. Here are some of the findings:

  • Advertisers can expect up to 84% improvement in consumer recall using a vanity 800 number in outdoor and print advertising versus using a numeric toll-free number.
  • Consumers are 9 times more likely to recall vanity 800 numbers versus numeric toll-free numbers in broadcast ads.
  • 72% of consumers correctly recalled a vanity 800 number after hearing a 30- second radio ad versus just 5% for a numeric toll-free number.
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    Do You Think YOUR Bail Agency Doesn't Need to Appear on the Internet? Think Again!

    Four out of five of U.S. adults are now going online, according to a new Harris poll. The survey found that 79%- about 178 million adults - go online regularly, spending an average of 11 hours per week on the Internet (Reuters 11.6.07).

    As a bail agency owner, you cannot afford to ignore the Internet.

    People are using the Internet from their computers and cellular phones. How will people find you on the Internet? Most people find businesses on the Internet by using a search engine. Of course a website is very important, too, but you must also promote your web address everywhere you advertise, including letterhead and business cards.

    What is a search engine? An Internet search engine is a computer program developed to help find information on the World Wide Web (aka WWW or Internet). Search engines help to decrease the amount time spent finding information; this includes locating businesses that in the past could only be found in telephone books and yellow pages.

    What is Google? Google is the most popular and powerful search engine on the Internet. In fact, almost 70% of all Internet searches are made through Google. So when a person is looking for a bail agent through the Internet, they must be able to find YOUR business. We can help you become more visible on the Internet. Call us to find out more.

    1-800-FOR-BAIL Network Exploding with New Agents & Benefits

    We're now in 19 states, covering over 500 cities. We have been using the power of our numbers to negotiate promotional discounts for you! As a member of the 1-800-FOR-BAIL network, you'll also benefit from the redesign of 1800forbail.com.

    In 2008 we'll focus on making your bail business more visible on the Internet in the cities where you do business.

    Refer a New Agency to 1-800-FOR-BAIL

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