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Marketing During a Recession

"The market's down, hard times are coming." Sound familiar? There's a lot of negativity about the state of the market right now, but let's look past the gossip and examine the facts.

All markets fluctuate to varying degrees, and the bail business is no different. But the companies that continue to be successful during and after these hard economic times have one thing in common: they understand the value of marketing.

A combination of marketing techniques is the most effective strategy. Here are the four main categories of marketing media you can focus on:

  1. Internet
  2. Television
  3. Radio
  4. Print (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.)

Be aware that each category is generally more effective within different age groups. Internet marketing has the highest impact on the 18-35 age group, a large share of the bail business. Television is more effective with ages 35-50. Radio reaches a fairly broad age range, but doesn't always grab attention as effectively as the other venues. Print media marketing is generally more effective for an audience of ages 35-75.

So how do you get the most out of your marketing dollar?

  • Tailor your marketing mix based on your client demographic
  • Get better results and save money with traditional advertising (by cutting excess spending and integrating your website with traditional marketing.)
  • Shift spending towards more traceable marketing venues (internet, track, capture info, etc.)

Invest in a Strong Web Presence

Think of ways to drive people to your website. Consider using an easy-to-remember URL with your promotions. Also make sure your URL is easy to spell and contains no symbols.

In addition to the 1-800-FOR-BAIL phone number and your URL in your advertisements, offer a free report, newsletter, coupons or some other free information of value to your target market. This is always appealing to customers, especially in difficult times.

One crucial aspect of your website marketing mix is capturing your visitor's information. A simple contact form tastefully place on your front page with spaces for name, email address and phone number will dramatically increase the amount of leads you receive.

Run a Lean, Focused Campaign

Look for ways to cut excess spending while still maintaining visibility. Focus on results by driving marketing and traffic to your website. Then you can convert those visitors into leads and a database of contact information.

Waste not, want not. A 3/4 -page ad in the yellow pages can be just as effective as a full-page ad . Rather than running a full-page sales letter in a magazine, offer a coupon that people can print out online once they visit your webpage.

Negotiate with radio and TV stations to buy filler inventory. Often, stations will have 10-15 seconds where they have to push filler in order to start a show on time. Those 10-15 seconds could easily be your ad at a significant discount. The station gets the dollars they need during a recession and you get extra exposure!

1-800-FOR-BAIL Negotiates Advertising Deals for You

Did you know that we can help negotiate advertising deals for you? Recently, our bail agent in Denver was quoted a price of $5000 for one half-page ad in a Hispanic Yellow Pages directory. We got involved in the negotiating and were able to get two full-page ads for our Denver agent for $2500. THAT IS TWICE THE AD SPACE FOR HALF THE PRICE!

1-800-FOR-BAIL Can Help You Develop a New Website

Have you checked out the new 1800forbail.com website! It's fantastic. And now we are able to help our bail agencies develop a great website your own. We will begin offering this service in Fall 2008. Send us an email to find out more.

Refer a New Bail Agency to 1-800-FOR-BAIL

Do you know a reputable and professional bail agent who would be an asset to our network? We're looking for savvy marketers and business people like you who want to grow their business.

Between now and October 31st, we'll send you a custom car magnet for each of your referrals that joins the 1-800-FOR-BAIL network.

7 Easy Ways to Outlast a Recession

  1. Consult your bank about business finances. You may consider opening a line of credit for bridge loans.
  2. Keep good relations with creditors, you may need to renegotiate terms and payments.
  3. Watch your receivables. Follow up with delinquent clients while remaining flexible.
  4. Review your business plan, operations and expenses monthly in order to make adjustments and stay on track.
  5. Continue marketing. You want to let existing customers know you’re still around while reaching out to new customers. Consider sending out email newsletters to criminal attorneys and other referral sources.
  6. Maintain good customer relations. Return calls quickly and address client concerns immediately. Ask your customers how you could serve them better.
  7. Build a support network consisting of advisors, professional and industry groups, seminars and/or trade publications.

Do you have a story that you would like to share or information you would like to include in future newsletters? Have you advertised the 1-800-FOR-BAIL number in unique or interesting ways? Email service@1800forbail.com, we'd love to share your story or photos!