What is 1-800-FOR-BAIL?

1-800-FOR-BAIL is a powerful, shared-use, toll-free 800 vanity number. A vanity number is a telephone number that spells out a word or a phrase that describes what a business does. A good vanity number will be easy to remember and can have a tremendous impact on your business and literally be worth millions of dollars. 

You can have the exclusive use of the 1-800-FOR-BAIL number in the territories where you currently provide your bail bond services as well as those areas of future expansion.

When you use 1-800-FOR-BAIL, the number can be directed wherever you go. Unlike your local telephone number, if you move your office across town, the number moves with you. And if you ever sell your business, 1-800-FOR-BAIL will significantly increase the value of your enterprise.

How does it work? When a call is placed to 1-800-FOR-BAIL, our technology instantly finds the area code of the telephone being used. Our system immediately routes the call to the bail agency that owns the exclusive rights to that territory.

A membership with 1-800-FOR-BAIL includes:
  • An EXCLUSIVE calling area...none of your competitors will have access to this number. When a potential client calls 1-800-FOR-BAIL, the call is immediately routed to your target number. There is no click or delay in the call reaching you.
  • A free, personalized web page with email account on the 1-800-FOR-BAIL website.
  • A territory for the life of your business. No competitor will be allowed into your territory as long as your agreement is in effect.